Asia EIA Conference 2016 Aichi-Nagoya, Japan, 10 May 2016


Plenary 1:

Opening remarks by MOEJ and Prof. Sachihiko Harashina (Co-Chair of IAIA16)
Introduction of the Conference by IGES
Keynote speech by Dr. Stephen Lintner
Keynote speech by Mr. Davis Jones (USEPA)
Presentation of research findings on challenges in EIA system and its implementation from seven countries and introduction of thematic group discussion (IGES)
Move to group discussion room

Group discussion:

Thematic group discussion on root causes of existing challenges of EIA system and its implementation, good practices to address challenges, and common recommendations (ways to solve root causes and move forward)
Group A. Systems to improve quality of EIA
Group chair: Mr. Masami Tsuji (IGES)
(Presentations on good practices)
- EIA and sustainable finance by Indonesia
- Establishment of EIA review committee including experts and ministry representatives by Myanmar
Group B. Information disclosure and public participation
Group chair: Mr. Yasushi Hibi (CI Japan)
(Presentations on good practices)
- Transparent and participatory process to develop new draft EIA law by Cambodia
- Smart EIA by Thailand
Group C. Implementation of Environmental Management Plan and monitoring
Group chair: Mr. Mark Kunzer (ADB)
(Presentations on good practices)
- Standard environmental and social obligations by Lao PDR
- Prioritized monitoring under the limited budget from case study of Thac Mo Hydropower expansion project by Vietnam
Group D. Upstream EIA/SEA
Group chair: Dr. Peter King (IGES)
(Presentations on good practices)
- The sites selection project for wind power plants initiated by regional communities by Japan
- Landfill SEA to consider alternative site by Korea

Plenary 2:

Sharing outputs from group discussion and comments
- Presentations by 4 group chairs
Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D
- Comments from Dr. Stephen Lintner, Prof. Kenichiro Yanagi (The president of Japan Society of Impact Assessment)
- Comments from international development organizations (WB, ADB, IFC, USAID, JICA)
Coffee Break
Panel Discussion on EIA policy in Asian countries;
How can we reflect the EIA results into the project?
How can we ensure the involvement of stakeholders?
How can we correlate EIA with policy making?
- Discussion (Panelists: Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand, and Viet Nam)
Concluding session
- Discussion on draft chair’s summary and adaptation of it
(in Japanese)
Photo session

  record of proceedings

  Strengthening EIA in Asia
(Working paper prepared for the Asia EIA Conference 2016 in Nagoya, Japan)